World Of Warcraft Leveling Guide For Cataclysm

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Look no further for a short comprehensive World of warcraft leveling guide. It can be a long arduous process leveling up a character from the beginning. With the help of this world of warcraft leveling guide you'll be armed with some of the best tips for gaining levels as fast as the elites do.

If you learn to better manage your time you can level up way faster. First lets talk about time wasting traps that you can fall into.

Tip #1 Forgetting to use hearthstones. You get to use it every thirty minutes and it can easily save anywhere from five to thirty minutes of travel time. USE the hearthstone! you will save tons of time throughout your characters life if you remember this one simple world of warcraft leveling guide trick.

Tip #2 It's not so important to go to town every time you level to gain more abilities. I usually only bother when I'm close to a town or when my level ends in 0 as at this time you will have the most abilities to train thus maximizing your time spent leveling up.

Tip #3 Dungeons aren't worth it. Sure sometimes you can gain a level or more at low levels, but there's too much downtime. They can be dragged out for far too long limiting your exp per hour severely. Quests are the best way to level up the quickest in world of warcraft.

Tip #4 Don't waste too much time browsing in the auction house. If you do spend a lot of time in it consider making a bank alt and park it next to the auction house this will save you time from running to town all the time on your main account.

Tip #5 Get all the quests from an area while your in town. The reason is a lot of quests take place in the same area so you can complete two, three or four quests just by going to one area giving you xp way faster.

Tip #6 This isn't really a world of warcraft leveling guide tip, but remember that alliance members won't be able to understand horde and vice versa.

Tip #7 Kind of a world of warcraft leveling guide tip. It's about money COLLECT EVERYTHING. It all sales for cash. The more golds you get the quicker you can upgrade equipment. Upgrading equipment can be a huge difference between leveling slowly or quickly. I hope you enjoyed this short world of warcraft leveling guide.

Remember to have fun with the game that is what it's all about. PvP and dungeons are fun and should be done if you enjoy them. However when I'm focused solely on gaining levels for my character I follow the above tips to help maximize on my success.

The best world of warcraft leveling guides can be a little pricey some might think it not worth the money. Personally I figure if I'm going to pay to play whats another forty bucks to have accurate quest information in a world of warcraft leveling guide that will show you exactly where to go to complete all quests the quickest. Consider that with a world of warcraft leveling guide you can level up two to three times faster I think they are plenty well worth it. You can always find decent world of warcraft leveling guides for free though if you search around hard enough and don't mind alt -tabbing.
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World Of Warcraft Leveling Guide For Cataclysm

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