What Do I Need to Know About a World of Warcraft Guild?

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As you begin playing World of Warcraft, it might come to your attention that there are people running around in game with a line of text underneath their name. What you are seeing is evidence that these people part of a World of Warcraft guild. A World of Warcraft guild is essentially a group of player characters who are affiliated with one another, who might share bank space and who have often come together for a specific purpose. Is joining a guild something that you might be interested in?

The first thing that you need to remember is that a World of Warcraft guild is not something that is run by Blizzard; it is run by other players and as such will vary based on how fairly they will treat their members and what they do. There are several advantages for being part of a guild. If you participate in raids and instances, you'll be able to take on areas that you would not be able t handle alone, you will be able to get help getting up to the master level of your skills and you'll be able to pick up trade skill ingredients through other guild members. You will also find that the social aspect of World of Warcraft can be extremely beneficial as well.

Finding a guild is relatively easy, but remember that there are lots of different kinds of guilds out there. Some guilds are completely geared towards the end game and taking on the dungeons and instances there. These guilds take their raiding very seriously and often have fairly stiff requirements for their members in terms of gear and experience. You will also find that there are guilds who are completely oriented towards role playing, where people will get into character and interact socially as the characters. Some guilds are a mix of both. Take your time and find the World of Warcraft guild that is going to be the best suited for your needs.

Especially when you are in the big cities, you'll discover that there are people who are interested in having you sign their guild charter. A guild needs a certain amount of people to get started and in some cases, the people who are looking for their charter members will simply boot you from the guild when they have all the signatures that they need, though if they are going to do this, they will typically give you a tip for your trouble.

For many people, guilds are both the most enjoyable and frustrating aspect of the game. There is something incredibly fun about throwing in with a group of people and taking a challenging dungeon. For a lot of the endgame content, remember that it is not something that you can solo. Take some time and see how you might feel about joining a guild and make sure that when you do it, you choose wisely. Guild hopping will get pretty tiresome after a while, so see what your needs are going to be like.

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What Do I Need to Know About a World of Warcraft Guild?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01