Ways To Enrich Your Experience Of Making World Of Warcraft More Productive

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World of warcraft, the phrase almost everyone knows, in the game, you can take on the persona of a variety of fantasy characters from elves, orcs, undead to dwarves and humans. World of Warcraft is highly interactive and makes it easy to work with millions of other players to solve quests, explore dungeons, and have fun. This article helps you make your World of Warcraft more productive and enjoyable.

1. Keep in good manners.

Since world of warcraft is an online game, though the story background is virtual, you played with real person. So when you communicate with players in game, social skills are needed for you to successfully interact with other players. When you are in trouble or want others to help you complete quests, remember to be polite all the time. World of warcraft players always want to help people with good manner. And for you, their help will make you go through a hostile zone easily.

2. How to keep in good manner.

When you need help in the world of warcraft, you should always say "please", "thank you". If you need a Rogue to pick a lock, or a portal to Shattrath City or Dalaran, make sure you kindly ask and offer to tip. This give and take goes a long way in the World of Warcraft.

3. When look for help, find the right channel.

When making requests or asking questions, make sure you are in the right channel. In world of warcraft, different channels have different functions. Only if you find the right channel can you get best response from other players. When in the chat window, simply type /# message.

There are three most common channels in world of warcraft:

/1 general: This channel is for questions and comments.

/2 trade: This channel is for selling items, buying items or asking for ports or lockpicking, enchanting etc.

/3 local defense: This channel is for chat about the security environment.

When you chat with players, remember to be polite and don't overuse the same messages.

4. Gold makes your world of warcraft go around

Money is not only important in real world, but even in world of warcraft you need money to achieve your goal such as Wow gold, weapons, spells and repair armor, etc. When you kill NPC's and loot them, you will gain various items they were carrying including money. The following tips are about how to make money:

a. In world of warcraft, even every copper counts, so try to sell anything you can't use or don't need, including animal scales, broken weapons, armor, etc.
b. If you are not in a high level, don't waste money on buying useless items.
c. The auction house is one of the most important place for you to earn money. Try to master the discipline to buy low and sell high.
d. Prepare for larger bags. The bigger your bags, the more loot you can carry and the more money you will make over time.

5. Choose the proper profession

In world of warcraft, you have the right to choose different professions. How to choose profession?

First, you should choose the complimentary professions such as mining and blacksmithing or skinning and tailoring. By having one gathering and one crafting profession, you can use the mats to make items and sell to other players or to make for yourself to wear or use.

Second, though you can pick up a profession ealier in the game, you'd better pick up a profession until your character is at least at level 50. Being a high level character allows you to breeze through leveling of a profession without the constant worry of attack by NPC's.

Third, when gathering things like skins and minerals, be polite and don't try to kill an animal someone else is killing or mine a node someone else found already.

6. Quest, the indispensable parts of world of warcraft.

As soon as you play the World of Warcraft, you will quickly realize that questing is the major way to level and make money in the game. Completing quests gives you XP, or experience points, that make your character get higher. Learn how to better do quests as the following:

First, try to complete all the quests in a zone before you change the place.

Second, learn well about the color of the quests, because different color quests have different valuo. Gray quests is useless, while red is very difficult to get.

Third, turn in many quests at the same time. Don't run back to the questgiver the minute you have completed the quest they gave you. Finish all the quests you need to complete and then go back in turn them in. Getting your XP in large groups is better than a slow trickle.

Fourth, when you get into a new zone, use the add on to help you find the nearest flightpath. Because you need to fly between zones to do tasks and pick-up and drop off quests, so it will be useful for you.

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Ways To Enrich Your Experience Of Making World Of Warcraft More Productive

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This article was published on 2010/12/12